Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

We proudly present...


Zu unserer Verstärkung von spanischer Seite stößt Cristina zu unserem Team. Ihr findet sie in dem Blog Papelitos

Hi, this is Cristina and I am... wait, do I have to tell my age? Well, let’s say I was born on 1st May... I’ve got a two-year-old girl, Elena, who likes tearing up papers, the buttons containers… and taking anything she finds from my scrap room.
I’ve got a boyfriend, Hernán, who has seen how papers and all scrap stuff has invaded the house and taken all over the place. If neither of us change our minds, we will get married soon…
I found out about scrapbooking in a stationer’s in Barcelona, where I live, by chance. It was one day that I saw in that stationer’s some decorated squared papers which I had never seen in my life. I took them all home, because in those days I already made my cards with papers taken from children’s books. What I like most was to use them to make little boxes and packaging in general. When I came back to the store for more papers like those I bought, there were no more left, so I had the idea of searching on the web for the brand that was written on the papers.
A new world opened up right before my eyes that got me completely hooked. I got to know what those decorated papers were exactly for… That was more than three years ago
I’ve worked for a year in a scrap store and nowadays I do workshops, I sell scrap material that I create and I also make it to order. I’ve designed for different Spanish scrap shops.
I love the challenges of “The Color Room”, but I participate less than I would like to.
And time always seems to be lacking to do all what I have left or unfinished and to do every idea that comes to my mind, and also hands…
Since I think I haven’t said yet, it is a pleasure for me to greet all of you and I am very glad to be here and be part of your design team.


Und hier ist ein wunderschönes mini Album von ihr mit Lost&Found von My Minds Eye...

Willkommen im Team Cristina!

Liebe Grüße,
Tina & Mireia


  1. Bienvenida compi!!! Me alegro mucho, besitos.

  2. Das Album ist genau mein Ding - ich mags ja gern verspielt und üppig - wunderschön und dann auch noch mit meinen Lieblingspapieren von My Minds Eye ;-D
    LG Conny

  3. Felicidades Cris... A mostrar todo tu talento nena, abrazos gordos para ti

  4. Cristina Felicidades!!!
    Es un álbum precioso, como todo lo que tu haces!